What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is simply changing the way your teeth look to create a beautiful or perfect smile. This is accomplished using whatever dental techniques or practices are necessary.

These can include:

  • straightening up teeth with braces or other orthodontic means,
  • repairing individual teeth with crowns or bridges,
  • using veneers to make individual teeth look good, and
  • replacing teeth with implants or dentures.

It is different for each individual.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

For some, because their mouth and teeth no longer function properly – they have trouble chewing or eating, this will include what is called “full-mouth reconstruction.”

Again this employs any dental technique necessary to fix the teeth and mouth so the bite is re-established and the person has full function to eat and drink normally.

This is a tremendous specialty as roughly 70% of dentists never do a full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. Chavez has 22 years of experience doing such cases.